System 8000 Iron+ ®

Iron+ ® has been specifically developed for VLF/ELF and broadband applications


This modular shield high purity Iron has very high magnetic permeability for 50Hz through to microwave frequencies.

High magnetic permeability causes the magnetic field to flow easier in the shield than in free air, this is known as 'magnetic reluctance' or 'shunting the field'.


This system is perfect for:

  1. EEG Labs where 50Hz is a major threat
  2. Sub-station stray field suppression (50Hz)
  3. LV switchgear room/panel suppression
  4. Electromagnetic quiet rooms
  5. NEMP (Nuclear Electro-magnetic Pulse) with MIL-STD188-125 power filters (VLF/ELF/RF/Microwave)
  6. TEM (Electron Microscopy) passive shield rooms for Quasi-DC~1GHz shield
  7. Shielded Data centres/Shielded Control Centres (VLF/ELF/RF/Microwave)
render of a System 8000


The new System 8000 has great advantages over crude welded structures:

  1. Fast site install compared to welded shields
  2. Cold install, no hot works required
  3. Re-site-able without loss or damage
  4. Wall finishing can be directly mounted to either side of the System 8000 shield
  5. 25mm or 50mm deep service voids can be designed in pre-finishing board install
  6. Can be built into a stud wall (drywall)


System 8000 Iron+ ® field reduction performance (based on 1mT field strength)

  • Up to 100:1 at 50Hz (-40dB)
  • Up to 1,000:1 at 1~10 kHz (-60dB)
  • Better than 10,000:1 at 100 kHz+ (-80dB)
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