Special Absorbers

Block foam absorber (single doping, layered or laminated) and Rubber absorber matting with rubber cones (for outdoor use).


The principal of this type of absorber is to mimic free space by ‘progressive impedance’ that is, to progressively absorb the radio wave/microwave through a resistive structure having a progressive shape, this converts the electromagnetic energy to heat energy.

Block foam absorber (single doping)

The available thicknesses are:

  1. 25mm thick (part No GLD - block 25)
  2. 50mm thick (part No GLD - block 50)
  3. 75mm thick (part No GLD – block 75)
render of a special single block foam absorber

Block foam absorber (layered or laminated)

Block foam absorbers use graded doping, the available thicknesses are:

  1. 25mm thick, performance >-17dB above 5GHz (part No GLD-FL-25)
  2. 50mm thick, performance >-17dB above 2.5GHz (part No GLD-FL-50)
  3. 100mm thick, performance >17dB above 1.2GHz (part No GLD-FL-100)
render of a special layered absorber

Rubber absorber matting with rubber cones (for outdoor use)

Rubber absorber matting 1,2mm~10mm thickness, contact Global EMC for more information.

Other Special Absorbers products:

  1. Machinable bar/sheet stock
  2. Rubber flat sheet 1.2mm~10mm thickness.
  3. Walkway block absorber (for antenna measurement chambers)
  4. Thin layer (lossy) doped foam.
  5. Ultra-performance microwave absorbers that can reach -70dB return loss
  6. Anti back-scatter absorbers
  7. Chebyshev absorber layouts
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