Sliding Doors

Global EMC’s high performance Sliding Doorss are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure maximum performance and usability.


Global EMC’s high performance sliding doors are one of the fundamental parts of any anechoic, Faraday cage or shielded room. Each door is carefully designed and manufactured by Global EMC to ensure maximum performance and usability.

The mechanism interfaces are all on roller bearings for smooth X and Y motion of the door away from the chamber and sliding across the chamber opening. Upon closure operation, the sliding door leaf meets the frame and pulls the door leaf in to make a RF seal.

The latching is provided by a parallel acting carriage having an up and down motion, this ensures the four point latch always keeps the door normal to the frame so that miss-alignment is negated.

A safety feature is provided to the door via an external mechanism so that if damage occurs to the door, external latches can be unscrewed and the door manually opened. The door comes complete with emergency back-up systems so that in the event of a power failure it is still possible to operate the door.

The size of the door is bespoke to requirements but can be from 900mm (W) x 2000mm (H) pedestrian door to 6000mm (W) to 6000mm (H).

render of a sliding door


Options include:

  1. Auto ramps to meet the threshold of the door
  2. Safety cut off contact to RF amplifiers
  3. Ramp for wheelchair access or heavy EUT’s
  4. Pneumatic opening system
  5. Safety sensors to stop
  6. Indicator panels to show open or closed state
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