Forensic Shielded Rooms

The forensic shielded room is specially designed to meet the requirements of evidence and examination rooms.


Global EMC’s Forensic shielded room is an electrically conductive volume that can be manufactured and designed in any size or shape. The principle is that radiated electromagnetic waves (magnetic/radio/microwave) hit the exterior of the room and flow around the outside in conducted micro-energies. The typical frequency range of a Faraday cage is 10 kHz to 18 GHz but can be extended to 1 kHz to 86 GHz if required. The forensic shielded room is specially designed to meet the requirements of evidence and examination rooms.

The shielded enclosure will be made in a bespoke size to fit the host building and maximise the usable space.

The shielding is an enclosure of all walls, ceiling and flooring using 2mm modular pan steel. This shielded enclosure gives superb performance. It is a modular assembly of individual steel fabrications that are produced from 2mm galvanized sheet steel. These are folded at the edges of each panel to form flanges which are bolted together. Double wire mesh gasket is placed between each flange to form a high performance electromagnetic seal. Rooms are designed with an air lock entry system where the opening of one door will not break the integrity of the shield. Indicator lights are provided to show when a door is opened and closed.


  1. Evidence rooms
  2. Examination rooms
  3. Military applications
  4. Police applications
  5. Quiet rooms for phone and other communication device interrogation
render of a forensic shielded room


  1. Ultra-high shielding performance as standard.
  2. Independent shielding effectiveness test to EN 50147-1.
  3. Standard shield performance of -60dB @ 10 MHz, -100dB @ 200 MHz, -100dB @ 1-18 GHz.
  4. Shield performance can be extended to 1 kHz to 86 GHz upon request.
  5. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.
  6. Bespoke solution upon request. Test facility can be configured to your exact requirements.
  7. Air lock door system including indicator lights.
  8. Industry leading low maintenance shielded door with copper beryllium knife edge seals.
  9. Designs created in Solidworks® and AutoCAD to ensure ideal configuration and coordination.
  10. All materials are shipped in component form and fit through a standard doorway for ease of installation.
  11. Can be provided for self-assembly.
  12. Fibre optic or dimmable LED lighting.
  13. Filters for internal power and lighting.
  14. Soundproofing as an option.
  15. Internal finish to floor, ceiling and walls to customer requirements.
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