First Light Fusion Case Study

Design, manufacture and installation of two new shielded rooms (Faraday cages)

Project Details

Client: First Light Fusion
Location: Oxfordshire, UK
Job Specification: Design, manufacture and installation of two new shielded rooms (Faraday cages).

  • 3.8m x 3.2m x 3m Amplifier room with single door, penetration panel 1m x 1m multiway connector, air conditioning.
  • 8m x 8.8m x 3m main test chamber Nominal door 2m x 1m emergency door 1.2m, air conditioning 100mm tubes, 4m x 2 optical table.

The Challenge

The chambers themselves were of a relatively standard design the main challenge was the size of the table to be housed inside the chamber, as this would not be able to be put into the chamber post build, the construction of the chamber had to be rethought and re worked to allow for the floor, and the flooring to be installed first then the table to be measured and fixed in place prior to the rest of the chamber construction which meant restricted access to part of the chamber and extra risk assessments to ensure no damage to the flooring, or the table during the completion of the build.

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