Faraday Cage (Shielded Room)

RF/EMI Faraday Cages and Modular Shielding for EMC, Military, Vehicle, Medical EEG/MRI, TEMPEST, Secure information & other RFI/EMI Shielded Room applications.


Faraday cages are referred to under a variety of other names including shielded rooms, RF/EMI shielded room, screened rooms or RF/EMI chambers and cameras.

The Faraday cage is an electrically conductive volume and can be any shape or size. Any door, air panel, electrical/data input or other protrusion must be properly engineered to maintain the integrity of the shielded enclosure. All of these products can be supplied as part of a complete "turn-key" solution.

All Global EMC’s products use ultra-high performance shielding as standard. The size and application is almost unlimited from a small bench mounted unit to Aircraft hangar sized facility.

Shielded tents are also designed and manufactured by Global EMC. These are flexible and re-deployable enclosures made to your bespoke requirements. Tents can be used in field military use, frequently moved commercial use, covert operations, police work and preventing communications or satellite links during testing.

We have designed and installed shielded rooms for the following applications. Tempest (secure speech), Medical applications, EEG, MRI, Military, Nuclear shelter, NEMP, HEMP, EMC Test applications, Quiet rooms (EMI reduction), Microwave radar, Anti-bugging and mobile communication device interrogation.


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Manufacturing to order from our 1800m2 factory based in Nottinghamshire, UK, we have a dedicated shielded door manufacturing area along with full fabrication facilities. The ethos behind the whole manufacturing system at Global EMC is to produce the best possible product at the best price.

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