Credo USA Case Study

Design, construct, test and commission a 10m compliant EMC Military vehicle testing facility.

Project Details

Client: Credo USA
Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Job Specification: Design, construct, test and commission a 10m compliant EMC Military vehicle testing facility:

  • Shielded enclosure of dimensions 30.0m (L) x 21.0m (W) x 10.0m (H)
  • Supporting steel structure
  • 4.2m x 4.2m Pneumatic sliding gate with auto ramp
  • 3 Pedestrian entrance doors
  • 20 Ton Overhead crane
  • 16.5m Turntable with maximum load of 20T
  • Anechoic lining of walls & ceiling with 2400mm long pyramid absorbers (Qty 3200)
  • Vehicle fume extract system, extract fans and ventilation panels
  • Filters, CCTV, audio links and power/lighting
  • Testing and Commissioning

The Challenge

This was a unique project for Global EMC pushing the boundaries of EMC chamber design, and build. It was to include a 16M turntable, the biggest turntable in an EMC chamber in the world currently. This coupled with the location, limited local infrastructure, temperatures of between -10 and -40 degrees, the export challenge and just a 5 month timescale all made for complex project, but one that we are extremely proud of.

Customer Quote

"The works and engineering services were performed in accordance with the rules of the construction standards and properly completed. We recommend Global EMC as a reliable and experienced contractor for EMC chambers and Faraday cage related projects. Global EMC members executed the assigned works properly, assuring a high quality of works, and showed the utmost proficiency and professionalism. Will definitely work again on future projects building and designing EMC Chambers."

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