Armadillo Shielded Containment

VLF/ELF Magnetic field shielded containment / trunking / ductwork for EMF suppression of high current cables, risers and bus-bars


High voltage power cables, transformers and bus-bars all generate electromagnetic fields (EMF). The greater the current in these devices the more EMF they will emit. With a higher demand for power within modern buildings, the resulting emissions are becoming larger and larger. European emission standards limit the exposure of these magnetic fields to the following levels:

  • 100µT – for public exposure (example- heart pacemaker protection)
  • 3.75µT – for EMC equipment limits
  • 0.4µT – for permanent occupancy or long-term exposure

Armadillo is a specially developed shielded trunking/containment for high current LV & HV feeder cables to attenuate these harmful fields to acceptable levels.

Armadillo is made from very high magnetic permeability material Iron+ ® and is very effective at power frequencies (50/60Hz) shielding.

This product has a shrouded joint mechanism in every length so that there are no loose couplers.

render of armadillo shielded containment trunking and ductwork

Feature Notes

  1. Standard shield wall thickness is 4mm but 6mm is an option for extreme requirements.
  2. Standard lengths are 2000mm (nominal) but special lengths can be made to suit site requirements.
  3. This shielded containment system can be used in the horizontal but also in vertical risers.
  4. Bracketry will be provided by Global EMC as a part of the design.
  5. Vents can be installed into the containment to help negate heat build-up and re-rating of cables.
  6. The cross-sectional size can be standard or special manufacture.

Heat Dissipation

The Armadillo cable containment forms a good heat sink and has good thermal conductivity, if the M&E designer has concerns about cable ratings we can manufacture employing a hole matrix to make the Armadillo system air/heat permeable.

Armadillo shielded containment system before coating

Armadillo shielded containment system for linear and riser cable EMI solutions (before coating)


Standard Armadillo cross-sectional sizes for cable runs and riser cable EMI shielding, other sizes are available. Global EMC offer a design and consultation service so the correct system for your requirements can be specified.

Armadillo can be offered as a supply only or include installation by one of our specialised installation teams. Please contact our sales team for assistance.

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