About Us

Global EMC UK Ltd has over 20 years’ experience in RFI / EMI / EMC and are specialists in shielding / RF / Microwave Absorbers applications. Continual development of shielded rooms (Faraday cages) and anechoic chambers has bought us to the forefront of shielded chamber and anechoic test chamber technology.


Global EMC have provided Faraday cage shielding and anechoic material/chambers for over 20 years. Global EMC have designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of projects over the years to meet the customer’s individual performance criteria. Key staff have expert skills in mechanical design engineering and Magnetic field/Radio wave/Microwave propagation behaviour.

Our production facility is more than 1,500 m² located in Nottinghamshire, UK. The facility has metal cutting welding/soldering, fabrication facilities and a special dedicated shielded door manufacturing area. We design, manufacture and test absorbers and other anechoic materials to the highest performance standards.

Global EMC also work with local partners for sheet steel folding/fabrication machine turning/milling and metal plating.

The ethos behind everything we do at Global EMC is to produce the highest quality product for the best value.

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Mission & Values

Quality and Performance

All our projects are designed, manufactured and installed to the highest standards. We ensure all our projects meet the standards and performance criteria set out by the client. We strive to deliver an unsurpassed service, on time and at a premium value.

Customer Objectives

We always put the customers’ requirements first in everything we do. We work with each individual customer to develop a bespoke solution to meet your exact specification.


We work together with clients, consultants and third party trades to deliver all our projects safely and efficiently.


A commitment in innovation and excellence in everything we do. A commitment to honesty and reliability forming long term customer relationships. To work in an ethical and environmental way in everything we do.


  1. 1994Global EMC Ltd begins trading in Nottinghamshire, England
  2. 1995Launched P2000 shielded tent for military and commercial use.
  3. 1997Began manufacturing modular pan steel shielding for use in shielded rooms
  4. 1998Installation of first compliant immunity chamber
  5. 2000Installation of first 3m compliant EMC chamber
  6. 2001First UK manufacture of twin knife edge shielded door for increased shielding performance
  7. 2006Installation of first 10m compliant EMC chamber
  8. 2008Launch of latest generation Hybrid Absorbers
  9. 2012First UK manufacture of vehicle Sliding Doors for anechoic chambers
  10. 2017Relocated to larger facility to accommodate the continued growth
  11. 2017First UK manufacture of absorbers
  12. 2018Launched new absorber for automotive and military testing solution
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Project Locations

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We have successfully delivered projects in 24 countries around the world including:

England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Iran, China, India, Poland, Greece, Italy, South Korea, America, Argentina, Norway, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Republic of Congo, Portugal, Mexico, Romania, Vietnam