TEM Shielded Rooms

Shielded rooms designed specifically to shield sensitive TEM microscopes from 50Hz AC and Quasi-DC interference


Global EMC’s TEM-SR is a shielded room designed specifically to shield sensitive TEM microscopes from 50Hz AC and Quasi-DC interference. Through passive shielding and an active cancellation system, a magnetically shielded room is created to ensure the microscope can work to its greatest potential.

Global EMC are industry experts in providing room shielding for TEM Microscopes using our specially developed Iron+ ® shielding.

The TEM-SR is a self-standing structure or can be fixed to the surface of the host building. It is constructed of a modular high magnetic permeability shield Iron+ ® that enables a fast and efficient construction process. The shield will be designed around the size and shape of the room. All intrusions into the shield are carefully designed and manufactured to allow compatibility and preserve the integrity of the shield.


  1. TEM rooms
render of a TEM shielded room


  1. Maximised internal area.
  2. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.
  3. High magnetic permeability passive shield Iron+ ®.
  4. Bespoke solution upon request. Shielded dimensions can be configured to your exact requirements.
  5. Typical quietness achieved of <10nT P-P.
  6. Shielded doors to bespoke dimensions.
  7. Supply and installation of Active cancellation systems.
  8. Designs created in Solidworks and AutoCAD to ensure ideal configuration and coordination.


All TEM shielded rooms are bespoke and designed to meet the host buildings size and shape.

Please see System 8000 for further details.

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