This shielded room is adapted to Electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) shielding (including NEMP and HEMP).


Global EMC’s RF/EMI shielded room (Faraday cage) is an electrically conductive volume that can be manufactured and designed in any size or shape. This shielded room is adapted to Electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) shielding (including NEMP and HEMP).

EMP shielding is required for the protection of command/control centres, communication facilities and where the protection of electronic equipment is vital from being damaged by an EMP, NEMP or HEMP.

Global EMC offer a turn-key solution where the design, manufacture and installation of all shielding panels, shielded doors, ventilation systems, shield penetrations and internal fit-out is provided.

The shielding is an enclosure of all walls, ceiling and flooring using 2mm modular high permeability material. This shielded enclosure gives superb performance at a broadband of frequencies. Special filters are provided for power and communications systems that have been purposely designed for EMP protection.


  1. Military applications
  2. Electro-magnetic pulse shielding (EMP)
  3. Nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP)
  4. High-Altitude Electromagnetic pulse (HEMP)
render of an electro-magnetic pulse adapted shielded room


  1. Ultra-high shielding performance as standard.
  2. Shielding effectiveness to EN 50147-1 and IEEE299.
  3. Standard shield performance of 60dB @ 10 MHz, 100dB @ 200 MHz, 100dB @ 1-3 GHz.
  4. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.
  5. Bespoke solution upon request. Test facility can be configured to your exact requirements.
  6. Industry leading low maintenance shielded door with copper beryllium knife edge seals.
  7. Designs created in Solidworks® and AutoCAD to ensure ideal configuration and coordination.
  8. All materials are shipped in component form and fit through a standard doorway for ease of installation.
  9. Can be provided for self-assembly.
  10. Power, lighting and internal fit-out as required.


  1. SDIP-27 NATO
  2. EN50147-1
  3. IEEE299
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