10m Compliant EMC Test Chamber

The chamber is designed for both compliant emission and compliant immunity testing.


Global EMC’s semi anechoic 10m EMC compliant test facility is the perfect solution for users who want to measure at a test distance of 10m. The chamber is designed for both compliant emission and compliant immunity testing. The self-standing steel structure and modular steel shield enables a fast and efficient construction process. Two options are available depending on testing requirements. SAC-10m-LP uses 2m long GSD-CAH2000 Pyramid absorbers with no ferrite tiles. The SAC-10m-FH uses a combination of high performance GF 102 ferrite tiles and pyramidal Hybrid Absorbers to create optimum performance.


The chamber design is suitable for larger EUT’s and can be designed to meet your exact requirements. The chamber can be used for a variety of standards to give you a multi-functional solution to your testing requirements.

render of a 10m compliant EMC test chamber


  1. Radiated immunity – Compliant to IEC/EN 61000-4-3 80 MHz to 6 GHz (18 GHz optional).
  2. Radiated emissions - Compliant to CISPR 16-1-4 frequency range of 30 MHz to 6 GHz (18 GHz optional).
  3. Shield effectiveness to EN 50147-1.
  4. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Great Britain.
  5. Bespoke solution upon request. Test facility can be configured to your exact requirements.
  6. 10m measuring distance.
  7. Industry leading low maintenance shielded door with copper beryllium knife edge seals.
  8. Lighting, power filter, penetration and static ventilation panels all as standard.
  9. Designs created in Solidworks and AutoCAD to ensure ideal configuration and coordination.
  10. 2 meter GSD-CAH2000 pyramid absorbers to all walls and ceiling. (Absorber coverage as far as physically possible). Section of absorbers/ferrite tiles for floor coverage.
  11. Latest technology high performance GF 102 ferrite tiles to all walls, ceiling and partial floor covering.
  12. Moulded polystyrene pyramidal Hybrid Absorbers to all walls, ceiling and partial floor covering. (Absorber coverage as far as physically possible.)


Typical SAC-10m-LP and SAC-10m-FH Test Facility

  • External dimensions SAC-10m-FH: 18m (L) x 13m (W) x 8.5m (H)*
  •   SAC-10m-LP: 22m (L) x 16m (W) x 10m (H)*
  • Steel structure Self-supporting structure to industry standards
  • Shield Modular 2mm steel "pan" shield
  • Shielded pedestrian door (clear opening) 1000mm (W) x 2000mm (H)*
  • Large entry door Size as required*
  • Frequency test range 30MHz to 18GHz
  • Floor loading (standard) 1 Ton/m²standard up to 50 Ton/ m² upon request
  • Quiet Zone Size as required – Effects overall dimensions
  • Filters, Electrical fit out & penetrations panels To customer requirements
  • Turntable To customer requirements

Options include:
Dynamometer, mast, controller, Air conditioning/HVAC, Anti chamber (control room), Fume extraction, Fire detection, CCTV, AC/DC/Data filters, Audio communication, High bay (drop down) lighting & white end caps to absorbers.
*All dimensions and quantities can be altered upon request (subject to compatibility).


  1. Deviation to CISPR 16-1-4 NSA less than +/-4dB from 30 MHz to 1 GHz.
  2. Deviation to CISPR 16-1-4 SVSWR within 0-6dB at 1 GHz to 18 GHz.
  3. Compliant immunity to IEC/EN61000-4-3 at 80 MHz to 6 GHz (18 GHz optional).
  4. ANSI C63.4
  5. CISPR 11
  6. CISPR 16-1-4
  7. CISPR 25
  8. CISPR 32
  9. MIL-STD-461
  10. ETSI 300-220
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