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Welcome to Global EMC

We are at the forefront of all forms of Faraday cage electromagnetic shielding. Global EMC are recognised industry experts in electromagnetic anechoic materials and installations. With over 20 years' experience Global EMC offers a solutions to every EMC chamber or shielding requirement.

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Anechoic Materials
& Shielded Components

Materials and equipment accessories for your anechoic chamber or shielded room. These include shielded doors, anechoic materials, filters and more.

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Shielded Chambers

RF/Microwave Anechoic Chambers for compliant and pre-compliant EMC testing. Including automotive, military, aerospace, antenna test & other RF/Microwave measurement applications.

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High Voltage

Partial discharge chambers and high voltage test laboratories for commercial and educational facilities.

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Faraday Cage
(Shielded Room)

RF/EMI Faraday Cages and Modular Shielding for EMC, Military, Vehicle, Medical EEG/MRI, TEMPEST, Secure information & other RFI/EMI Shielded Room applications.

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VLF/ELF Magnetic
Field Shielding

VLF/ELF/DC Shielding for Transformer Sub-Stations, High Voltage Cables, Safe working environments, TEM, EEG, Electron Microscopy machines and other DC/50Hz Shield applications.

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Our Clients

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